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ON/VOLT is an attempt to capture the energy of movement, not only that of the body, but also the light and the sound. All elements are constantly at stake in this performance that literally wraps up volts of power.

The  performance dealing with questions of energy generation and consumption. A condensed and intense experience of movement awaits the audience: movement of body, light, and sound. Starting in complete darkness, only scattered phosphorescent paper lights the space. As if touched by invisible hands the glowing landscape transforms in to sculptures and paths eventually revealing the dancers, first as soft bodies in motion, then as powerful explosions of energy, driven by a massive pendulating loudspeaker. The energy never disappears. It is transferred from body to body – energy in an ever changing form. As a steam train in motion the performance moves forward, forward, forward.

ON/VOLT was nominated Dance Performance of the Year by The Danish Performing Arts Awards / ReumertAwards 2014


Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Dancers: Jonas Örkner, Siri Wolthoorn, Antoinette Helbing, Eva Honings, Robin Rohrmann
Extras: Ditte Sofie Gundersen, Anne-Kristine Selvejer
Light Artist: Sophie Guyot
Composer: Mathias Friis-Hansen
Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich
Dramaturg: Inge Tarpgaard

Premiered, March 1st 2014 at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
Duration: 45 min.


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