A site-specific installation and art to wear performance in Nardini’s distillery, Bassano del grappa, Italy.




The characters developed through workshops with the dramaturg Itzik Julie, and in private session requires personal questions about Alienation. That end with sketched-collage making for their costumes. Ready made was the leading concept taking it from specific context to costume-used. Six charector walking aroung a koktail party without talking, found ways to comunicate and stay in their own world at the same time.


For example: Shuli Enosh dressed as a kind of medium that suffer from lack of communication the red hair and manly overall as symbol for some energetic power contrast the traditional ‘see through’ crystals and pair of stocking covering her head that blare of face details.

Dalia Chaimsky mixed up as a super-housewife and  spanish marquise with spices of traditional oriental feminine look. She own a lot of memories and souvenir from places and relationships collected all kind of stuff: Flowers, Lamp, visor, mesh fabric, carpet, bath, foil aluminum paper, bras, bubble paper, plastic gloves, nail polish, tampones -all ready to be used ‘just in case’.

Digital Camera



Digital Camera

Choreography: Yasmeen Godder

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