This work is the quest for each one of the five dancers ‘personal hero’ aiming to touch their fantasies and to push their limits and personal perceptions in order to create an alternative reality on stage.



DSC_0308DSC_0255 IlayaDSC_0182 


from the article:
The costumes, by Inbal Lieblich, were as widely diverse and colored as the movement – Zamir’s simple t-shirt and leggings, Wilhelmsson’s brilliant sparkle, Shuli Enosh’s body hugging shirt-dress. They were enhanced by props, including green paint vomited onto Itschaky’s face which became part of his superhero-bug get-up, and long red witchlike nails that Wilhelmsson wore, and then bit off and spat on the floor. The uncredited soundtrack was mixed electronic sound that sometimes offered rhythm, but more often provided the noise to matched noisy images. Everything was in service of the message: Too Much.

Choreography: Yasmeen Godder
Photography : Tamar Lamm

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