An interdisciplinary performance based on live Israeli radio broadcast.
The ensemble creates a stage world which is rich in sound, physical and visual stimuli.
It highlights the gap between theatre and current event, and between the individual and the collective existence.

Part of the show based on Chekhov’s “The cherry Orchard” which is main inspiration of the silhouette for the costume design.
there are casuale parts and mix transmission of the ensemble that emphasized the everyday life from the periodic one, refer to the  19th century.

 DSC07329 DSC07315 DSC07236    

compare between the to and discussing fashion in conceptual level, I perceive this century as released from all boundary of silhouette patterns and colors.
Although there are high appreciation tion to try to follow  trends, it open ans sometimes even more appreciative when the individual express himself.


Director and schongraphy: Guy Gutman for Ensamble 208

costume design: Inbal Lieblich
Photography: Sharon Apple

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