The shop window was designed as if it were the interior or a 3 door closet at home. on the glass the whole window was drawn on the glass, a wooden drawers hanging on the inside, a suitcase and a hanging area on the other.

It was for a small  “Gertrud & ME” collection of  ten variation on the same basic Gertrud petticoat – all changes and additions were customized hand-made.

Photography: Gal Deren

 תאטרון בובות

The window display was also a lunching small collaboration of prints. Puppets show which the marionette on the display holds a T-shirt and tank with printed image of the marionette themselves.
It is combined with handmade crystal beads and thread embroidery and text.

A trilogy for “little gertrud” an outlet shop of Gertrude:

Following the theme of famous children’s tale
Princess and the pea
The different element in the window are in disproportion to each other, emphasizing the trail (an extra larg) pea and the materialistic symbol for the reward – (the crown).
Prince – frog
An update dialog between the princess and the frog – sitting on a mini fountain, an image hanging above the frog reveals his fantasy about a love story between Shrek and Fiona, but in return the princess hand “tattoo” cool his enthusiasm said: DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
Rapunzel , captured in the tower window, drop her braided hair in order to let the prince come up and save her. Still, his white horse is magical comparing to modern means of transportation, helps creating from above.

Olia – here is a Short comic about olive oil harvest inspied by the artist Zeev Engelmeyer:

Reflected customer’s style-life:

For the The memo schedule the window is designed around a clock mechanism, showing the different activities during the client’s dat….walking the dog, having coffee and of course – Shopping in Scoop!



DSC07519 DSC07511
“Fishing for compliant” placed in the windows painted accessories sucked in a net, another “drilling” shoes goes up and down  motor on a hook in and out the waves.

some “Sale” theme example:

SKETCH_final_BLACKBORD copy DSC09932

The “A” in for SALE is both like hanging loop as a hanger, on the blackboard as if it in a the middle of “hangman” game the only letter  that missing  is O for:  “CLOTH TO DIE FOR”….

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