I believe that the person contribute to the cloth and not the other way around.
Characters like Kings and queens –  It is not only about the glamor. It is about the understatement and the personalty this information is wearable and wordless.

Following “up to date” trends sometimes also make it interesting , by choosing the sociology definition in a contemporary characters and make a reference of personality and the potential client in a reality of consumption.

Some examples form my work:

Mein Jerusalem, 2011 Director: Eyal Wieser. An Israeli theatre played as a german performance artist.



Let It bee By Uzi Ben-Cna’an ן  Ensemble Tziporella present a Kabaret of different insects episode. For example: a 400 birthday party for the turtle.

29224_113031358738808_100000958345887_67471_3213056_nthis work won a prize for costumes – for the article:



Adam geist  2010 – THe German play Directed by: Lilach Dekel Avneri
57 characters with 8 actress that being on stage all the time

DSC_5727 DSC_6991 DSC_7202 DSC_8052

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